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On Mount Baker

Mount Baker is a wonderful ski area and great for hikes in the summer. One of the most popular is Artist Point, where this picture was taken.

With My Partner, Donna

Speaking At A Conference

Where I Get My Ideas

Down Under

My Head In The Clouds

Back in the Day

How I looked as Chrysler Corporation’s Token Hoppie, in 1974.

Back when I was able to read

Before my first haircut

Taking a walk in Paradise

For many years, I would take a barefoot walk in the snow at least once each year. This picture was taken by my brother, Johm at Paradise, on the south flank of Mt. Ranier.

With my first grandchild

Don't know when or where

With Krishna Dass in Seatlle

KD played in Vancouver , BC the night before. Donna and I had front row seates. The next night, he played in Seattle and was clearly very tired.

Can You See Me Now?

Enjoying a moment with my Granddaughter

Chorus Line In The Snow

Yes, I am a BUCKEYE!

My two grandmothers

My grandmothers did not like each other. Can you tell?

In Hawaii for the World Elder Gathering in 2015

Four Generations

The Story of The Pictures

As you may suspect from the pictures flashing past, I have learned not to take myself too seriously. Have you learned this essential life lesson yet?

I have learned to look deeply into who I really am, warts and all. And I have learned to accept myself fully, even the parts of me that I don’t particularly like.

Have you?

If you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and take a deep look at yourself, I can help you.

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up because you aren’t perfect?

Are you willing to let go of your self-limiting beliefs like “I am not good enough” or “I am not lovable“?

Are you ready to learn the skills that will help you build warm and fulfilling connections with other easily?

Search the Personal Growth Library on the bottom of this page. Check out the testimonials of people I have helped in the past. Schedule a free coaching session. There is a lot of material here to help you make a good decision. When your are ready, click the Register button or go to the Register page. Register for my “Self-Awareness” workshop.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Personal Growth Coach

I am a very different type of coach. I don’t do the pep-talks or the goal-setting thing. I simply listen deeply, ask tough questions and give you clean, clear and direct feedback. No bull-shit. No judgments. Just the stuff you probably know already but don’t know how to accept.

Take a free 30 minute test-ride and check me out.

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Online Workshops

After more than 76 trips around the Sun, I have accumulated a fair bit of life-experience.  I share what I have learned with small groups of men in a series of on-line workshops that work you through five powerful steps. See the About page to learn more.

Workshops can be short (1-3 hours), or extended and spread out over several weeks.

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Community Building

Deep, authentic connection is a need shared by all human beings. Creating a community of like-minded people involves shedding relationships that no longer serve you and creating and nurturing relationships that help you grow.

Participating in the journey of the Five Gateways is an ongoing process of building an intentional community.

Conscious Community

Upcoming Events

The Four Gateways are a series of online workshops that explore the four steps of personal growth that will transform you in ways you can only begin to imagine.

Each of these workshops is presented using Zoom sessions that last up to three hours per session with each of the first three comprising five to six weekly sessions.


Self-Awareness Workshop

Self-Awareness is the foundation of personal growth.¬† If you don’t know who you are, you are flying blind.

This six session workshop focuses on developing deeper internal self-awareness and establishing a practice of getting regular external feedback.


Self-Actualization is the process of clarifying and manifesting your personal vision.

This ongoing workshop is different from the previous three. It is not a course, but an ongoing process of clarifying, planning, and building  your vision.

Self-Actualization can be coached, but not taught. It is self-directed with community support.

Self-Acceptance Workshop

If you cannot accept yourself as you are, you are destined to a life of loneliness and desperation.

This six session workshop addresses limiting behaviors, un-expressed feelings, self-limiting beliefs and unhealed trauma.


Self-Realization is a process of becoming who you really are. It is about being the person you have been hiding from… your true self.

This is also an ongoing process, but a more solitary one. It is a spiritual journey of awakening into your true Buddha nature.

Self-Realization can be coached but not taught. It is self-directed with coaching and community support as needed.

Self-Confidence Workshop

Authentic self-confidence arises from accepting yourself exactly as you are, perfectly imperfect and human.

This six-session workshop focuses on skill-building, and transforming and transcending limiting behaviors and beliefs into self-empowering choices.

Creating A Community

Every course, workshop, training I have ever attended follows a common pattern: we assemble, get to know some of our classmates, learn the material, and then scatter to the winds.

What if we created something different? Something lasting? Something that grows instead of disappearing?

Building deep and authentic connection is an essential part of my personal mission. Creating a community of self-aware, self-accepting, and self-confident people is an exciting idea that is already taking root.

Conscious Community

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