The 5 Gateway to a Happy Life

The 4th Gateway: Self-Actualization






What is Self-Actualization?

During the previous courses in the Four Gateways series, you developed deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. You also created a clear vision for want you want to accomplish. Self-Actualization, the 4th Gateway, is all about living your vision.

During this course, you will develop a detailed plan of action for realizing your vision. How will your vision change the world? What hurdles can you imagine having to face and how will you navigate them? What resources will you need and how will you find them? How can your community members help you?  And how can you help them?


Are you Already Self-Actualized?

This course is one long homework assignment. It is at least as challenging as a master’s thesis. This challenge is not for everybody. To see if this course is a good fit for you, read the statements below. For each statement, give yourself a grade of 1 if this statement doesn’t match you at all, a 5 if the statement describes you accurately, or 2…4 as appropriate.

Now add up your score. If you have 50 or more points, this course is for you. In any case, give me a call.

Characteristics of Self-Actualization

  • Self-actualized people embrace the unknown and the ambiguous.
  • They accept themselves, together with all their flaws.
  • They prioritize and enjoy the journey, not just the destination.
  • While inherently unconventional, they do not seek to shock or disturb.
  • They are motivated by growth, not by the satisfaction of needs.
  • Self-actualized people have purpose.
  • They are not troubled by the small things.
  • Self-actualized people are grateful.
  • They share deep relationships with a few, but also feel identification and affection towards the entire human race.
  • Self-actualized people are humble.
  • Self-actualized people resist enculturation.
  • Despite all this, self-actualized people are not perfect.