What Creates Real Happiness?

Many people believe that they will be happy when they are rich, famous or powerful. Or when they find the perfect partner or get a raise or buy a new car. These beliefs are destined to create only frustration and unhappiness.

This has been proven over and over by studies like the Harvard Happiness Project. It turns out that lasting happiness arises from one primary source: high quality relationships.  And these relationships result from doing our inner work, the work of developing self-awareness, self-acceptance and a healthy ego that is balanced with grace and humility. And this takes time. Here are two simple examples.

I went to my favorite barber shop recently. While I was waiting my turn, I got chatting with a younger man who was waiting for his son to complete his haircut. He told me that every year he holds a birthday party for himself.


What Are The Gateways?

The gateways represent thresholds of personal growth  that build upon each other.

They are clustered into a “basic” series and an “advanced” series.  

What Are The Basic Gateways?

The Basic Gateways are:

  • Self-Awareness – noticing what is going on inside you and around you as you interact with others. Think of this course as the fundamental building block that all of the remaining courses build upon. Without self-awareness, you can never truly grow up emotionally.
  • Self-Acceptance – learning to accept yourself just as you are. When you accomplish this, youor whole world opens up; but if you havent developed self-awareness, self-acceptance is futile.
  • Self-Esteem–  finding self-esteem clearly requires that you accept your human condition with compassion and huor.

These courses are taught online using Zoom. They include lots of homework in the form of reading or watching videos and describing what you have leaened from each assignment. You will also have access to weekly tutoring sessions with other participants. And you will haev access to personal coaching fro the instructors.

What Are The Advanced Gateways?

The three advanced gateways are:

  • Self-Actalization – finding and manifesting your personal values and your sense of puurpose. 
  • Self-Realization – discovering who you really are.
  • Self-Transcendence – Growing beyond your personal ego.

You mught think of these as post=graduate courses. They take the form of self-study with coaching and mentoring and they will take the rest of your life.

As with the Basic Gateways, these courses build uon the earlier courses. You cannot take thse courses unless you have completed all of the Baskc Gateways.

The Advanced Gateways are not really courses. They require a level of commitment that few people can manifest without help. As a consequence, these courses are more of a collabortation with the instructors and other participants that is loosly structrured but still very intense.

The Basic Gateways

Each of the trhee bask gateway acts as a threshold that offers you an opportunity to do your inner work.

Each gateway builds upon and depends on the earlier gateways.

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The Advanced Gateways

Each of the trhee advanced gateway uild upon the basic gateways by helping you develop self-actualization, self-realization and self-transcendence.