The 5th Gateway







What is Self-Realization?”

Our “Self” is the essence of who we are. It is pure and grounded. During our  lives, the challenge of dealing with life, our Ego, which is responsible for dealing with our perception of reality can get flooded and drive uncomfortable messages into “shadow”. The judgments of others, the self-limiting beliefs we take on in order to cope with life, the trauma of dealing with dysfunctional parents, peers, teachers and even institutions such as schools and relations conspire to hide our awareness of our true self.

Finding ourselves is an act of becoming, of spiritual awakening   and ultimately of surrender. Its very nature is solitary and inward focus. In one sense, it takes us back to the first gateway…Self-Awareness. But there is a difference and it is a huge one. Self-awareness is the foundation that can ultimately lead to enlightenment, but self-realization is  the final gateway to fully accepting what we  really are.

This is not a course that can be taught. It is a journey we must complete by ourselves. It is the final gateway we must find and step through by ourselves..


Are you Already Self-Realized?

If you were, you would know it.  You would not need any external validation. Unlike Self-Actualization which is an act of creation, of manifesting, of DOING, Self-Realization is a state of consciousness, a state of BEING.

Is it permanent? Maybe. For enlightened masters, maybe., But as I have never met an enlightened master, I really don’t know. I am inclined to take Jack Kornfield’s  definition: “First enlightenment, then laundry.”

Characteristics of Self-Realization