The 5 Gateway to a Happy Life

The 1st Ggateways: Self-Awareness






Self-Awareness: The 1st Gateway

The 1st Gateway explores the idea of “waking up” and becoming more self-aware

Self-Awareness is: “The-5-gateways/”. Did you know that 95% of the people surveyed think they are self-aware, but less than 15% really are self-aware?

How do you know whether you are self-aware, or you just think you are self-aware?


Benefits of being Self-Aware

  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Raise less narcissistic and more self-aware children
  • Being better able to manage and regulate your emotions.
  • Better communication.
  • Better decision-making skills.
  • Higher levels of happiness.
  • More confidence.
  • Better job satisfaction.
  • Better leadership skills


Signs of Low Self-Awareness

  • Do you have trouble understanding your emotions?
  • Do you cut people off when they question your beliefs?
  • Do you make excuses for your failures?
  • Is it hard to empathize with others?
  • Do you have difficulty explain the reasons for your actions?
  • Do you suppress your emotions?
  • Is it hard to make realistic goals?
  • Do you lack a sense of identity?


About This Workshop

In this live, online intensive workshop, you will explore how self-aware you really are. You will examine your internal self-awareness (how we see ourselves) and your external self-awareness (how other people see you).

This workshop is the first of three workshops and two more structured coaching processes that address the life-long process of becoming more emotionally mature. The 2nd Gateway focuses on developing self-acceptance. The 3rd Gateway addresses developing a healthy self-ego . The 4th Gateway supports the development and manifestation of a healthy sense of purpose and self-actualization and the 5tg Gateway focuses on Self-Realization.

The Remaining Gateways

The 2nd Gateway, Self-Acceptance is built upon Self-Awarebess,. If you don’t know who you are, what can you accept?

The 3rd Gateway, Self-Confidence is built on the 2nd gateway. Once you can accept yourself as you are, you can built your skills and self-esteem.

The 4th Gateway, Self-Actualization is built on you deeply held values, your mission and your vision for your life. .

The 5th Gateway is about transcendence and Self-Transcendence

The first three gateways are structured as intensive and experiential online workshops. The last two are structured coaching processes that are more one-on-one than the first three.